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We are acacia

Neighbors seeking hope in Jesus.

Join us Sundays at 10:30 am. In person or online.

our mission

Welcoming anyone to belong to our community, to believe in Jesus, and to become His lifelong follower.

"At Acacia Church, we all strive to have stronger relationships that are accepting, generous in love, and willing to persevere so that we may help encourage one another through life."

– V.G.R.

“At Acacia Church we celebrate together, grieve together, raise our families together and remind each other of the hope we have in Jesus.”

– R.G.

“Acacia has given us more than just a place for Sunday morning, it’s given us a family to lean on and grow with.”

– M.N.


Acacia is a safe place for anyone to find hope and relief wherever you are in your faith journey

Our diverse community stretches across generations and demographics, united by our love for God. We value each individual’s unique experiences and always have room for one more.

We love having fun together and learning to understand Jesus better. You can seek who God is, serve the community with friends, and look forward to coming back.

Worship Services

why acacia

Known as the Gift of the Desert the acacia tree serves in obvious and unobvious ways.

These trees grow in dry river beds and can survive without water for decades. Theologians believe these were among the few types of plant life the Israelites would have found relief during their time in the wilderness.

To us, the most symbolic feature is its natural resistance to decay.

There is no doubt there is a significant need for hope in our current time. The world feels like it is in decay. But God is not. The world may wither but God remains unchanged and alive! Acacia is just how people can find us, but our hope is to help them find the Lord — that the Creator of this world who is a constant hope, a constant strength, and a constant source of comfort.

And just as our namesake was to the Israelites roaming the wilderness, we hope to be that place of relief and refuge to this community.

When you visit Acacia Church, we hope you will discover a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ from wherever you are in your faith journey. Through Biblical teaching, you can seek who God is, and by His example, enjoy serving the community together with friends.

Acacia Church was started in March 2022 when two long standing community churches determined that they could serve the Kingdom of God better together. This blending of people and abilities has revealed the richness of obedience to Him, as well as how much fun it is to do church together. We hope you will visit and experience for yourself the fresh hope of Jesus.

Acacia Church welcomes you anytime.

our staff

Christian Schlenker

Lead Pastor — Acacia Church


Jeff Good

Associate Pastor

Chris Girardi

Community and Outreach Pastor

Heather Jolly

Children’s and Youth Director

safe place for anyone

Acacia Church is a safe place for anyone to find hope and peace. We love having fun and are following the way of Jesus together in community. You can seek who God is, serve the community with friends, and look forward to coming back.

We invite you to come and belong to God’s community, believe in the good news of the Gospel, and become disciples of Jesus. We hope you will join us!

weekly messages

Stream live in YouTube each Sunday @ 10:30am or view previous weeks messages.

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we support

Care For Our Neighbors Locally & Abroad

Our common purpose is to serve others. As such, we pursue fresh and creative ways to support both our local neighbors and global partnerships. From financial aid to cutting out shoes from denim jeans, we are eager to use what means we have to care for others.

Join Us for REACH Sunday!